The Spirit Is a Portrait of God

God is beyond human understanding. How then can the actions of this unknowable God be expressed? Only through limited human language. The descriptions of the Spirit of God in the scriptures are efforts to express the inexpressible God. A history of the Spirit’s actions etches a portrait of our invisible God.

Living with Little Faith

Matthew’s famous teaching on the lilies of the field contains the first occurrence of a phrase he uses to describe the Christian Life. It is a life of “little faith.”

The Peril of Holy Week

If we listen to the accounts of Jesus’ passion without reflection, we can draw the false conclusion that the Jewish people are responsible for the crucifixion of Christ.

Breaking the Silence

Silence destroys relationships. Psalms push through our barrier of silence with God. When a psalm is prayed sincerely it breaks through emptiness and takes the risk of opening communication with the Almighty.

A Gospel for a Pluralistic City

Christianity was an urban phenomenon. Although the origins of the Christian movement in the ministry of Jesus were rooted in the rural soil of Galilee, the spread of the gospel took place in the urban centers of the ancient world.

Who Killed Jesus?

A naïve reading of the accounts of Jesus’ passion can lead to the conclusion that the Jewish people were responsible for Jesus’ death.