BUILDING ON THE WORD VIDEOS are consciously created to be short, free, and relevant to the spiritual questions of modern culture. Each video begins with human experience—posing a truth, question, or issue common to everyone—and then connects it to both a scripture passage and key aspect of Catholic belief:

A Hint             The Existence of God                      Matt. 1:1-16
Victory            The Importance of Jesus                 1 Cor. 15:26, 28
Air                   The Role of the Holy Spirit             Rom. 8:16
Salt                  Discipleship                                      Matt. 5:13-14
Bridges           Social Justice                                     Luke 4:18-19
Heartbreak     Dealing with Suffering                     Luke 2:19

These videos can be used for personal growth in faith, RCIA, Adult and Youth Faith Formation, Parish Retreats, Parish Outreach, Evangelization Teams, and One-on-One Faith Sharing.

A Hint

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“A Hint” addresses the existence of God. Humbly admitting that no scientific proof for God is possible, it invites viewers to question whether they consider their own lives as random or gifted with a larger purpose. Connecting the genealogy of Matthew’s gospel to modern images and experiences, the video attempts to reveal hints of a guiding power in our world and leads the viewer to name that power “God.”


1) What events do I know in my own family history which have shaped my life? As I reflect on them, do they suggest that God has guided my lineage? Why?

2) What qualities, talents, or interests in my life give me satisfaction and joy? Does it make more sense for me to consider them random characteristics or hints of God’s presence? Why?

3) In a moment of beauty or in a personal relationship have I ever experienced a graciousness which I would call spiritual? Do I consider it fitting to understand that graciousness as God’s action? Why?

4) Does it surprise me to discover that Jesus’ own lineage was marked by improbability and scandal? Does this realization change my perception of Jesus? How?


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“Victory” discusses the role of Jesus within the Christian tradition. Although Christians believe many things about Jesus, this video presents the earliest understanding of his mission as found in the New Testament and particularly in Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians. It might come as a surprise to many that this understanding situates Jesus in the context of hope, hope in God’s determination to remove all that is evil from our world.


1) What is the significance of this video beginning outside the church and moving inside and then leaving by the main church doors at the end?

2) Were you surprised that Paul’s understanding of Jesus as God’s Messiah places such emphasis upon the hope that he will return in the future? How might such an emphasis change or deepen your own faith in Christ?

3) Think of a time when you had great hope in someone and they came through. What did that feel like? Did that experience encourage you to hope more?

4) Is there someone in your life who is without hope? What message of faith or love might you share with them today?


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“Air” suggests the invisible but intimate presence of God who comes to us in the person of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God surrounds us with God’s love, encouraging us and working with our spirit so that we can become all that we were meant to be. Contrary to imagining God as exalted and remote, God’s Spirit moves in us and through us–as close to us as the air we take in and breathe out.


1) When, if ever, have you doubted yourself? Were there people or experiences that helped you regain your confidence? Which of these were most important to you?

2) What significance is there that the video begins on a rock pier? How does this image relate to the Holy Spirit? What other images of the Spirit are present in the video? Which speak most to you?

3) Think of a time in your personal life when you felt you were exactly where you should be, a time when the breath of God was within you. What words would you use to describe this feeling?

4) Can you recall a time when you worked with a group of people to accomplish something good; a time when it felt as if you were all breathing the same air? What did it feel like to be a part of this experience?


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“Salt” addresses the desire to help others. With so many needs around us how can we make a difference in meeting the needs of those who struggle? Drawing upon Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, this video suggests that those who would serve should certainly act when they can accomplish some great good thing, but there is also value in the small gesture.


1) Have I every felt overwhelmed by the number of needs in my life or in society? What ways have I found to remain positive and serve?

2) Why is this video is set on a stage with part of it located behind the curtain? How might such venues relate to the scriptural passage on which the video centers?

3) Have I ever been given an opportunity to serve someone in a truly significant way? What was the result of my service both for me and for the person I tried to help?

4) Have I ever been touched by a small action of kindness offered to me or surprised by the impact of a small gesture I have offered to another? Describe the actions and evaluate their power.


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“Bridges” discusses the importance of repairing all that is broken in our world. It is vital not only to be merciful to those who are in need but also to address the structural factors in society that oppress and harm others. Confronting the evil around us is an essential responsibility for the followers of Jesus. Yet Christians do not work alone. They are called to cooperate with all people of good will to build a better society.


1) Is your own experience of life defined more by walls or bridges? Why do you think so?

2) Have you ever been successful in building a bridge with others? What was accomplished by your effort? How satisfying was the work?

3) People often build a wall out of fear. What word would you choose to explain why people would build a bridge? Explain your answer.

4) This video reflects the teaching of the 1971 World Synod of Catholic Bishops who stated: “Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel.” Does it surprise you that working to change the world is seen as an essential aspect of following Jesus? Why or why not?


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“Heartbreak” addresses the human experience of loss and pain. Admitting that the reality of evil cannot be explained in our lives, it suggests a way to negotiate its presence. Employing a single line of the Gospel of Luke that describes the attitude of Mary after the birth of Jesus, it invites us to accept the entirety of our own stories and throw our pain together with the rest of our lives.


1) When have I experienced heartbreak? Do I feel I have begun to recover?

2) What words or actions of others have helped me in my pain? Which have not?

3) Has my faith helped me in dealing with pain? In what way?

4) Even though there is no other viable option, do I believe that accepting my heartbreak is possible?

5) Identify three blessings that are presently in my life. Can they together outweigh my losses?

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