“Salt” addresses our desire to help others. With so many needs around us how can we make a difference in meeting the needs of those who struggle? Drawing upon Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, this video suggests that those who would serve should certainly act when they can accomplish some great good thing, but there is also value in the small gesture.

I would appreciate your response to the video in the comment section below.


1) Have I every felt overwhelmed by the number of needs in my life or in society? What ways have I found to remain positive and serve?

2) Why is this video is set on a stage with part of it located behind the curtain? How might such venues relate to the scriptural passage on which the video centers?

3) Have I ever been given an opportunity to serve someone in a truly significant way? What was the result of my service both for me and for the person I tried to help?

4) Have I ever been touched by a small action of kindness offered to me or surprised by the impact of a small gesture I have offered to another? Describe the actions and evaluate their power.


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