“Victory” discusses the role of Jesus within the Christian tradition from the perspective of hope.


What can we do when pain and loss enter our lives? Although we cannot explain evil, we can negotiate its presence though acceptance and “throwing together.”


“Bridges” discusses the importance of repairing all that is broken in our world. Christians are called to cooperate with all people of good will to build a better society.


This is a new video on the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit moves in us and through us–as close to us as the air we take in and breathe out.

A Hint

Why do people believe in a God who guides their lives? People believe because when they examine their own experience they find indications, hints if you will, that there is a power in this world other than chance.


With so many needs around us how can we make a difference? This video suggests that those who would serve should find value in the small gesture.