“The Holy Spirit in the Bible” Wins Second National Award

The Holy Spirit in the Bible received its second national award this week when the Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) announced it had taken second place in its award category for scripture.

The Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) supports a viable, vibrant, and diverse Catholic publishing environment throughout North America and beyond. It seeks to provide visibility to, advocacy for, and sustainability of published Catholic content.

Here are the winners in the category for Scripture

1. Between Heaven and Earth: New Explorations of Great Biblical Texts (Gerhard Lohfink, Translated by Linda M. Maloney, Liturgical Press)

2. The Holy Spirit in the Bible (George M. Smiga with Little Rock Scripture Study Staff, Liturgical Press)

3. Threshold Bible Study: Music, Hymns and Canticles (Stephen J. Binz, Twenty-Third Publications)

More about the Association of Catholic Publishers can be found on their website–https://www.catholicpublishers.org/

The Holy Spirit in the Bible is also the second place winner in the 2023 Catholic Media Awards in the category of Scripture–Popular Studies. (https://buildingontheword.org/the-holy-spirit-in-the-bible-wins-an-award/)

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