The Greatest 3 Commandments

The great commandment according to Jesus is the triple commandment of love: to embrace God’s love for us, so that we can come to an adequate love of self, so that we can extend that love to others.

Forming a Face

Ronald Rolheiser has suggested around the age of 40 the lines of most people’s faces are set. From that age onward, every face betrays a certain character, a certain personality, and a certain kind of beauty.

A Gospel for a Pluralistic City

Christianity was an urban phenomenon. Although the origins of the Christian movement in the ministry of Jesus were rooted in the rural soil of Galilee, the spread of the gospel took place in the urban centers of the ancient world.

Sharing the Vineyard

We all share the same vineyard. Therefore, either we will thrive together, or we will go down together. This is why we must avoid the temptation of trying to cut someone out.