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Here are the pictures and entries for the homepages. I have numbered them below according to the setup of the page you designed.

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change “other news” to “more resources.”

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You will need to crop some pictures to make them rectangular. Size them to make them equal. If any do not work, I can get others.

Ignore whatever I said about pictures in the previous email.


(1) Is the video. Do not connect to YouTube yet.



withered hand_RR

(7) Making Peace with the Enemies of Jesus (in Jewish-Christian Resources)






psalms lament RR

(2) Breaking the Silence: Engagement for Spiritual Growth (in Bible Study: Psalms)



 top ten RR


(4) Top Ten Dangers in Preaching on Jews and Judaism (in Jewish-Christian Resources page)







trinity RR

(8) Not a Puzzle But a Mystery (in Homilies: C: The Most Holy Trinity)







good samaritan RR

(3) The Man in the Ditch (in Homilies–C: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time)







faith 1

 (5) Love as Power (in Homilies–C: 5th Sunday of Easter)





woman RR

(6) Searching as God Searches (in Living with Christ page–Sept 2010)






good thief RR

 (9) Where Salvation Is Found (in Living with Christ–November 2010)






Gospel of John

 (12) The Gospel of John Set Free (in Books)




woman RR

(13) The Advantage of Sinning (in homilies C: 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time)




Blood Money

(11) Blood, Money, and the Paranormal (in Bible Study–Matthew)




spirit of GodJPG RR


(10) The History of the Spirit is a Portrait of God (in Bible Study–The Spirit of God)







tomb Mary RR

(15) The Apostle to the Apostles (in Living with Christ–April 2010)






arthritis RR

(16) Practicing the Cross (in homilies C: 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time)





Pharisee RR


(17) A Trap in the Gospel (in homilies C: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time)



Receive Give RR

(19) It Is Better to Receive than to Give (in homilies C: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time)



dirt R

(18) The Gift of Dirt (in homilies C: 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time)


city2JPG RR

(14) A Gospel for a Pluralistic City (in Bible Study–Matthew)


lazarus RR

(21) Lazarus at Our Gate (in homilies C: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time)


tree RR

(20) Action as the Solution (in homilies C: 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time)



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