A New Book on Angels

I have just authored a new book for Little Rock Scripture Study entitled Angels in the Bible. The Bible is full of passages about angels who are sent to accomplish God’s will. Angels speak for God, direct the course of nations, and protect God’s people. They worship God and deliver God’s judgment. In Angels in the Bible, I examine some of the Bible’s most fascinating passages about angels, exploring their ministry on God’s behalf and drawing insights for our own spiritual lives.

Because angels are mediators of God’s presence and action, studying angels is studying God.

I am very pleased to have received this endorsement from Donald Senior, the president emeritus of Catholic Theological Union: “Few biblical topics are more fascinating for Christians than the traditional belief in angels.  Skilled as both a recognized biblical scholar and a thoughtful pastor, George Smiga takes the reader on a marvelous tour of the many roles angels play in the Bible, a range reflecting the dimensions of God’s own abiding presence in human life.  Set in the helpful format of a Little Rock Scripture Study, this is truly an attractive and fully accessible resource.”

The book is suitable for individual use or can be used in a group Bible Study. It can be purchased on Amazon or from Little Rock Scripture Study/Liturgical Press at the website below.


Here is an introductory video for the book.


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