Summer Bible Study

Surprise, Shock, and Gospel: Re-Interpreting the Parables of Jesus

Jesus preferred to teach in parables. The gospels are filled with these images and stories that are both elusive and powerful. They engage, delight, and disturb those who hear them. Explore what parables are, how they work, and what Jesus’ parables reveal about the Kingdom of God.

George M. Smiga, S.T.D. is a nationally known author and lecturer in scripture and homiletics. A priest of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, he serves on faculty of St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology in Wickliffe, Ohio. He is author of Pain and Polemic: Anti-Judaism in the Gospels and The Gospel of John Set Free: Preaching Without Anti-Judaism. He has contributed to Pondering the Passion: What’s at Stake for Christians and Jews and Mel Gibson’s Bible: Religion, Popular Culture, and “The Passion of the Christ.” His article on “Caravaggio” is published in The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Art (2015). In 2009 he was the Walter and Mary Tuohy Professor at John Carroll University in Cleveland. He writes a monthly column for Living With Christ and contributes regularly to Give Us This Day. His website is

June 21-23, 2019 Little Rock, Arkansas St. John Center 2500 North Tyler Street


The Elusive Parable

The Parables of Mark

The Parables of Matthew

The Parables of Q

The Parables of Luke



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